In Tanzania, community development is one of the material issues to which we are committed. Our support at Geita is guided by the community investment procedure.

In July 2017, the Parliament of Tanzania amended the Mining Act 2010, and introduced section 105, which describes the procedure for mineral rights holders to prepare and execute their corporate social responsibility (CSR) plans. Geita Gold Mine is the first mine in the country to execute its social and economic projects under the new legislation, with many of these being infrastructure projects.

Recent projects

  • Health


    Malaria remains endemic in Geita, the region ranking second in terms of disease burden in Tanzania. Tanzania is among the 10 countries in the world with the highest number of malaria cases and deaths accounting for:

    • 3% of global cases
    • 13.4% of cases in east and southern Africa
    • 5% of global deaths

    The fight against malaria remains a priority through advocacy, distribution of mosquito repellents, environmental vector controls and distributing mosquito treated bed nets amongst the workforces. As a result, cases of malaria declined 31.2% in 2020 compared to 2019 and the Malaria Frequency Lost Time improved by 35.7%. This is a significant improvement compared to 2018, where we recorded a decrease of malaria by 0.17% among employees and contractors.

    Under the 2019 corporate social investment plan, the mine funded the roofing of 20 dispensaries, finished construction of 12 dispensaries, and built five new dispensaries at Nyakato, Mgusu, Ibanda, Bihegule and Nyakahengere.

    Investing in health infrastructure in Geita District Council and Geita Town Council

    Working with the Geita District and Town Councils, the mine has continued its intensive focus on healthcare infrastructure. To date, the company has spent over TZS 6.6 billion in healthcare projects. With over 150 projects focused on the healthcare sector, recent projects include:

    • Roofing
    • Completion of outpatient department (OPD) building/s
    • Construction and completion of staff housing
    • RCH buildings
    • Wards
    • Purchase of medical equipment, incinerators, placenta, ash pit and toilets

    In 2021, the company invested in the construction of three new health centres: Kakubilo, Nyawilimilwa and Nyakagwe Health Centres.

    In the 2022 and 2023 CSR Plan, the company embarked on the completion of dispensaries and health facilities yet to be completed so that these facilities can offer primary health care.

    Market frames
    Hospital beds with mosquito nets
  • Infrastructure

    Geita Town market frames

    The company contributed approximately $600,000 towards the establishment of the Geita Town market in 2018. Construction of the market frames has been completed. Positive spinoffs from the market include transportation, catering and the supply of goods and services to traders. About 5,000 employment opportunities have been created from this initiative and the Council’s own collection has increased. This year, through the 2022/2023 CSR Plan, preliminary works for construction of Phase III for Geita Market has started.

    Geita Town roundabout

    In collaboration with the Geita Town council, the company has financed the construction of the Geita Town traffic roundabout. The facility was installed at the request of the local authorities to cordon off high-traffic areas and thus reduce road accidents.

    Special Economic Zone Centre

    Under the 2019 CSR Plan, the mine funded the construction of the External Processing Zone Authority (EPZA) at the Bombambili grounds in Geita, which includes construction of an administration block, landscaping work and the mini entrance fence. The EPZA ground is also used for the Geita Mining Expo Exhibition, sponsored by Geita Gold Mine for six consecutive years now.

    Other Infrastructure Development

    The mine has also funded the construction of other infrastructure that enhances the local economy by indirectly improving the livelihood of the Geita community and this includes:

    • Construction of the 2 kilometre tarmac road connecting to Mwanza main road
    • Construction of Katundu Main Market
    • Construction of Katoro Market main frames
    • Purchase of new generators for Main Market and Rubondo Radio
    • Purchase of a skip truck and modifying existing buckets as part waste management strategies within Geita

    Support for neighbouring districts

    In consultation with the office of the Regional Commissioner, Geita extended support to other districts, in terms of providing building materials for health and education facilities.

    Since 2018, the company has been extending support to non-CSR council projects, including Chato, Mbogwe and Bukombe.

    The company assisted in the construction of a modern operating theatre at the Chato District Hospital and delivered building materials to the three districts of Mbogwe, Chato and Bukombe for construction of health and education infrastructure. In 2022 and 2023, the mine signed an MOU with these three councils with a disbursement of TZS 200 million for each council, to be used for renovation of Bwanga Bus stand in Chato and installation of Street lights in Mbogwe.

    Market frames
    Geita Town market frames
    Market frames
    Geita Town roundabout
  • Education

    Education infrastructure

    Education can change people’s lives and is a focus for our community investment projects. To align with and supplement the government education policy of providing free education, Geita Mine constructed a girls’ school in Geita Region (Nyankumbu Girls Secondary School) worth TZS 15.9 billion, which officially opened in 2014 and has the capacity to accommodate over 600 students from F1 to F6.

    Following compliance to the amendment of the Mining Act 2010, Miscellaneous Amendments 2017, Section 105, Geita Mine has also supported the construction of over 850 projects in Primary education from 2018 to 2023, including roofing and completion of classrooms, roofing and completion of staff housing, construction of new classrooms as well as new schools and toilets.

    In Secondary education, from 2018 to 2023, 370 projects in Geita Town Council and Geita District Council include roofing and completion of classrooms, roofing and completion of staff housing, construction of new classrooms and schools, dining halls, dormitories, and toilets. Furthermore, in 2022 to 2023 Geita Mine has supported the fabrication and distribution of school desks worth around TZS 750 million in primary and secondary education.

    Geita Gold Mine has also built new schools both in Geita Town and District Councils, namely Nyawilimilwa and, Ikulwa as well as constructing additional classrooms at the Bwawani and Kiziba primary schools. Further investment into education projects includes the construction of administration blocks, dormitories and additional renovation and completion of classrooms and school laboratories.

    To date, Geita Mine has invested over TZS 25 billion in primary and secondary education projects. The new classrooms will help to provide access and a conducive learning environment for the students whose school attendance and performance have historically been impacted by challenging learning conditions.

    Market frames
    Nyankumbu High School
  • Livelihood projects

    Livelihood projects

    Geita focuses on creating a sustainable and positive legacy through economic development projects. These projects aim to improve the welfare of the local farming community to provide alternative sustainable livelihoods for host communities.

    Paddy farming and storage facility

    In 2018, Geita Mine empowered 300 farmers from Nyabusakama Cooperative Society with training on paddy best agriculture practices. The mine also supported farmers with agriculture inputs and machinery, such as tractors, which helped to transform paddy productivity for beneficiaries. To improve the value chain of paddy farming, Geita Mine further supported the cooperative with the paddy storage facility and the establishment of rice milling and packaging machinery at Saragulwa Village. Ongoing infrastructure development support continues through the mine’s annual CSR Plan, including the procurement of a weigh bridge and provision of wooden pallets which assist in the storage management of farm yields.

    Sunflower farming project

    The Sunflower farming project is a mine funded project with 75 farmers who form part of the Nyabusakama Cooperative Society and are engaged in sunflower farming. In 2018, farmers were trained on sunflower cultivation, supported with best sunflower seeds, fertilizers and a shared tractor which is used by both the Paddy and Sunflower farmers of the Nyabusakama Cooperative Society. Geita Mine further assisted with the construction of a sunflower factory and the installation of sunflower oil processing machines which has played a vital role in adding value to the sunflower yields, thus increasing the market value of sunflower yields and consistently improving the income generated by the project beneficiaries.

    Market frames
    Rice paddy
    Market frames
    Sunflower crops