As of April 2021, Geita mine does business with 602 locally-owned businesses. Geita was awarded 1st runner up in local business content in 2020 with 86% of total procurement spent locally within Tanzania last year.

Current tenders

Local procurement policy

AngloGold Ashanti’s vision is to establish a sustainable local procurement programme underpinned by its values to stimulate economic and social development within the communities and countries in which the group operates.

It is our strategic imperative to endeavour to procure all goods and services locally.

Competitive advantage

Drive strategic local partnerships, eg joint ventures, beyond local ownership

Social responsibility

Actively develop local employment, skills transfer, and economic value-add.

Licence to operate

Promoting Enterprise Supply Development (ESD) initiatives to upskill local suppliers in mining and alternative industries.

Benefits of the local procurement policy

  • Builds in-country mining skills, resulting in less reliance on expatriate labour
  • Uplifts and empowers local communities
  • Promotes sustainability initiatives of local host communities beyond life of mine
  • Builds goodwill with community and government stakeholders

Local services

  • Civil, building and construction
  • Parts and services
  • Food and catering
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Medication
  • IT and HR services

The Geita economic development programme

NEEC programme

  • Geita Gold Mine and the National Economic Empowerment Council of Tanzania (NEEC) have an agreement for the provision of consultancy and support services on Geita’s local content implementation in 2020.
  • Geita mine embarked on the partnership to improve conditions that enhances the participation of Tanzanians in various investments.
  • The NEEC programme presents the opportunity for more goods and services to be supplied by Tanzanian citizens and companies.
  • The project targets over 300 entrepreneurs and vendors with existing businesses in the region including youth, women and people with disabilities.
  • Main activities include Capacity Building Interventions, Cluster Development and Linkages to Public and Private Institutions that are established to support Local Businesses
  • 320 businesses were taken through Capacity Building Training in 2020.